Adam Senour by the Numbers

In order to make sure my clients' websites are performing to expected levels, I analyze the statistics that are generated from their websites using a number of different tools. I have presented a sample of these aggregate statistics below from January 2009.

95 and 50

Kastle Fireplace, a client of mine since 2002, receives over 95% of its new business as a direct result of the website, despite spending over 50 times as much per year on offline advertising!

Many of our clients experience numbers that are very similar in proportion to these; in some cases, our clients do 100% of their business directly from their website!


Every 4.19 seconds, a page that I have built is viewed by a web user (639,991 page views per month).


I have built websites in four different languages (English, French, Spanish and Dutch), and sites for businesses in four countries (Canada, the United States, Colombia, and Holland).


Visitors from 122 different countries have viewed my web design and development work.

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