This year, letís use less electricity!

Welcome to the Lighten Up, Ontario! Ė a simple way for everyone in Ontario to say "Yes, I believe in conservation!"

A big thank-you to Colin Mochrie for lending his support and a special thanks to all the groups and companies across Ontario that are helping to promote this campaign. This summer's campaign is a first step in building a strong and long-lasting commitment to energy conservation across Ontario.

Step one: Make your pledge today: "This year, I will use less electricity." If you haven't been contacted by one of our participating groups, you can make your pledge online.

Step two: Update your personal pledge page. Once you've filled in the pledge, you'll be taken to a personalized pledge page where you can enter your consumption data, record your actions, and identify your priorities. You can update your activities every few months, and enter your annual consumption data once a year.

Step three: Start conserving. We'll e-mail you occasional tips and keep you informed of any new programs or incentives that will make it easier and cheaper to conserve.

Relax, it's not a race and it's not a competition. You don't have to become a super-conserver overnight. Just commit to improving through better habits and with more energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

You'll save money and energy, and you'll help show that Ontario really does believe in conservation.

With thanks,

Chris Winter
Executive Director
The Conservation Council of Ontario
(click here for my family's commitment to Lighten Up).

Public Awareness
  • 50,000 pledge booklets were distributed through 441 Beer Stores in August through October.
Community Canvass
  • Community canvasses by participating groups will be starting soon.
Online Tracking
  • 120 homes have a personal page on our website to monitor their annual progress in reducing consumption.
Campaign Info
We Conserve:  Ontario's Conservation Movement
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