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Lighten Up is a campaign of the Conservation Council of Ontario, a 55 year old charitable organization with a membership of provincial organizations and individual conservation leaders. The campaign is part of the "We Conserve" initiative to support a conservation movement in Ontario.

Lighten Up is designed to provide everyone in Ontario with a simple, yet significant conservation challenge. It is a first step along the conservation path.

One of our goals is for people across Ontario to use this challenge as a stepping stone to a deeper conservation commitment, such as can be made through an EnerGuide for Houses audit. The Council endeavours to connect people to the support services and products that will help them become better conservers.

Our overall mission is to make Ontario a conserver society, supported by a resilient conserver economy.

Lighten Up is "shareware". We will make the artwork available to any organization or company that can incorporate the message into their promotional activities. For example, retailers can use the campaign to promote Energy Star rated products, organizations can integrate the pledge into their own conservation outreach programs and communications to their members, and local groups can use it as part of their community outreach activities.

To become a partner in promoting "Lighten Up", please contact Chris Winter at the Conservation Council.

If you like the work we're doing and want to make a charitable contribution to the Conservation Council of Ontario, you can donate online through Canada Helps and receive an instant charitable receipt, or mail a cheque payable to "The Conservation Council of Ontario" to Suite 132, 215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto M5T 2C7.

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