My Family's Commitment

Chris Winter
Executive Director for the Conservation Council of Ontario

Unofficially, we've been on the Lighten Up pledge for over three years now.

In our house, we use an average of 350 kwh/month and our last bill was 290 kwh a month for a family of four (two small children) and occasional foreign students.

Over the past three years our electricity usage has declined steadily from around 550 kwh/month in 2002. We first switched to CFL lighting, and we opted for a high-efficiency washer, dryer and refrigerator when purchasing new appliances. We use window fans and trap cool air in during the day instead of air conditioning. And most recently, we made a concerted effort to air dry larger items, which resulted in a savings of about 50 kwh a month.

If the average residential consumption in Ontario is 1,000 kwh per month, I know that anyone can easily shave at least 100 kwh off that total without any major investment of time or money.

Good luck!

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My Family Commitment
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