Save and Win!

As if saving on your electricity bills isn't enough of a reward in itself, we're working on some great incentives and prizes to thank you for your support. Please stay tuned for details.

This campaign is the first step in building a province-wide energy conservation movement.

We believe that Ontario's community groups and not-for-profit associations should be able to market conservation and receive a bounty for every kilowatt hour that their members are able to conserve on their monthly bills.

Imagine if your local school or community group was able to raise funds by promoting conservation and selling conservation products instead of chocolate bars.

Imagine if Ontario invested in community-based conservation and renewable energy, instead of nuclear power. A ten percent reduction in residential demand would more than eliminate the need for a new and expensive nuclear plant. That's $500 million in conservation, some of which could go to community groups and charities, as opposed to at least $2 billion for new power which we will all pay for through hydro rates.

With conservation, we all win.

Sign up now and show your support for a conservation-first policy for Ontario.

Save and Win
We Conserve:  Ontario's Conservation Movement
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