The Lighten Up 2006 Pledge

Part 1 of 2: The Pledge

"This year, I will use less electricity."

Here's the pledge. Fairly simple stuff, but do check out our tips pages for more information and links to coupons and other resources.

In particular, make sure you read our page on compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) before you go shopping. We want to make sure you get lights that will make you smile!

Check the items you think you can do this summer:

  • The first four are things everyone can do this summer by investing a little money or by developing good habits
  • Energy efficient appliances are a bigger investment, but they will pay their way with lower energy bills
  • An energy audit is the first step to investing in the energy efficiency of your home
I will lighten my load.
Use at least 10 CFLs in your home. Do this first! See our conservation tips page to learn how to select the right CFLs for your home.
A $50 investment can save you over $300 and 30 kwh a month.
I will watch my waste line.
Get in the habit of turning things off when not in use, including lights, computers, TVs and stereos. Use power bars. Work on it over the summer to make it a habit.
Good habits can save 10 to 100 kwh a month depending on how much you are currently wasting.
I will not lose control of my temperature.
Use natural cooling methods and fans whenever possible. If you air-condition your home, do so sparingly to take the edge off the heat.
Depending on the size and use, air conditioners use between 100 and 3,000 kwh a month.
I will let it all hang out.
Air dry your laundry, even just the big things, in your yard or inside. Even an efficient dryer uses a lot of electricity.
Air drying a couple of loads a week can save up to 50 kwh a month.
I will be an energy star.
For most appliances, look for the Energy Star label - they're the most energy efficient. For air conditioners, look for a SEER 14 or better. For fridges, washers and dryers and other appliances, check the Energuide label.
Energy Star front-load washers use 50% less electricity than conventional models.
I will audit my home.
Ready to go the next step? An EnerGuide for Houses energy audit will tell you the best places to invest your time and money in conservation, from draftproofing to insulation and windows. It's the essential first step before investing in deeper conservation measures. See our Tips for how to book your home audit.
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