Web Design Client - Downtown Dental Associates

Downtown Dental Associates is a dental office located in downtown Toronto that focuses on items such as neuromuscular dentistry (the "bite").
Downtown Dental Associates Website - Full Size Screen Capture


A marketing agency asked me to prepare a website for Toronto dental office Downtown Dental Associates based on a template their graphic designer had come up with. This particular website required the creation of a custom website form and a Flash intro that had to still allow for text.

How I Met Those Needs

HTML/Website Coding

I created a code layout for the existing graphic materials, and converted it to a template for easy additions, deletions, and modifications to the exterior layout

Custom Website Form Generation

I took their offline appointment request form and converted it to an online format.

Self-Administration Section

The client can edit the pages of the Downtown Dental website themselves.


I was able to take the website design concept provided to me and turn it into a successful website which generates a steady stream of dental appointment/new patient requests for the client.



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