Web Design Client - General Motors (GM) SmartCoverage

This website was developed in under 2 weeks for General Motors (GM) SmartCoverage.
General Motors (GM) SmartCoverage Website - Full Size Screen Capture


I was approached by a marketing agency to work as part of a three-person team to develop a website for the SmartCoverage branch of General Motors.

The challenge was that we had to work together to develop the entire website in just two weeks. This site required many non-standard features from a web coding point of view, and there were seven separate sections to complete within that time frame.

How I Met Those Needs

HTML/Website Coding

Based on graphic elements provided to me and copy, I was responsible for the coding of all portions of the website that did not relate to forms.

Custom "Watch Zoom" Effect

I customized the "Watch Zoom" effect on the home page for each of the provinces from scratch.


The three-person team was able to develop the entire website within the two-week period. As the HTML coder in this particular project, I was able to turn my portion of the project over in time.



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