Web Design Client - Lighten Up, Ontario!

I completed the Lighten Up, Ontario! Website in 2006. Lighten Up, Ontario! was a unique program endorsed by Whose Line Is It Anyway's Colin Mochrie designed to promote energy conservation.
Lighten Up, Ontario! Website - Full Size Screen Capture


I was approached by a marketing agency in 2006 to design and develop a website to promote Lighten Up, Ontario! Lighten Up, Ontario! was an awareness campaign designed to promote energy conservation and encourage the public to reduce their energy usage.

How I Met Those Needs

Website Design

I was able to take the Lighten Up! Ontario logo and a series of studio photographs taken by Lighten Up, Ontario! Spokesperson Colin Mochrie of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" fame and create a simple, yet unique and friendly web design concept.

Custom Database Development

I created a customized database designed to store and track the progress of people who agreed to take the pledge to conserve energy.

Custom Web Form Creation

I created a series of forms for people interested in saving energy to take the pledge and track the progress of their efforts.


The Lighten Up, Ontario! website was able to generate interest and awareness of the importance of energy conservation throughout Ontario. 168 people pledged to reduce their energy consumption online; thousands more took the pledge offline as a result of a campaign whereby Ontario Beer Stores distributed over 50,000 pledge booklets.



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